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A typical day

8.00 – 9.00am  Welcome children and parents

9.25a.m     Registration & circle time

9.30a.m      Child initiated free flow play (indoor/outdoor)

10.00a.m    5 minutes warning tidy up time

10.15a.m    Wash hands and snack time

10.30a.m    Key groups adult led activities

10.45a.m    Child initiated play (indoor/outdoor)

11.45a.m    5 minute warning tidy up time

11.55a.m    Story time

12.00p.m    Wash hands and lunch time

12.30p.m    Book corner, child initiated planning

free flow indoor/outdoor play

13.45p.m     5 minute warning tidy up time

14.00p.m     Afternoon  Snack

14.45p.m     Song time and children’s evaluation time

15.00p.m     Home time, greet and talk to parents